ASX Announcements 2015

05/01/2016Form 604 Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Shareholder
08/12/2015Name Change to Pantoro Ltd
08/12/2015Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement
01/12/2015Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice 2
01/12/2015Results of 2015 AGM
01/12/2015AGM Chairmans Address & Presentation
02/11/2015Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice
02/11/2015Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement
30/10/2015Placement Capacity
29/10/2015Quarterly Report
28/10/2015Notice of Annual General Meeting
08/10/2015High Grades Continue Driving Nicolsons Production
01/10/20152015 Annual Report
01/10/2015Appendix 4G Key to Disclosures
18/09/2015Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder
08/09/2015First Gold Poured at Nicolsons
02/09/2015Notice of Initial Substantial Holder
26/08/2015Change of Directors' Interest Notices
31/08/2015Pacific Niugini Options Trading - PNRO
25/08/2015Appendix 3B & Top 20 Security Holders
20/08/2015Rights Issue Results & Notice of Undersubscription
17/08/2015August Progress Report Nicolsons Mine
05/08/2015High Grade Development & Plant Commissioning at Nicolsons
03/08/2015Extension of Closing Date of Non-Renounceable Entitlements Issue
30/07/2015Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B - June 2015
27/07/2015Dispatch of Prospectus & Acceptance Forms
23/07/2015Nicolsons Mine Update July
16/07/2015Letter to Shareholders - Non Renounceable Rights Issue
15/07/2015Notice to Option Holders - Non Renounceable Rights Issue
14/07/2015Non-Renounceable Prospectus and Appendix 3B
14/07/2015$3.3M Convertible Notes, Appendix 3B & Cleansing Notice
30/06/2015June 2015 Investor Presentation
29/06/2015Project Update and Capital Raising
23/06/2015Change of Share Registry Address
24/04/2015Amended Appendix 5B
24/04/2015Quarterly Activities & Cashflow Report March 2015
26/03/2015Termination of Joint Venture Partner MGL
24/03/2015Nicolsons Mine Progress Report
10/03/2015Release of Half Yearly Financials
10/03/2015Resignation of Joint Company Secretary
20/02/2015Nicolsons Project Funding Completed & Operations Underway
11/02/2015Change of Director's Interest Notice
09/02/2015Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder
06/02/2015New Issue Announcement
06/02/2015Change of Director's Interest Notices
02/02/2015Rights Issue Results
29/01/2015Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B - Dec 2014
28/01/2015Investor Presentation January 2015
27/01/2015Final DMP Approval Received for Nicolsons Mine
19/01/2015DMP Approvals Received for Nicolsons Mine
07/01/2015Non-Renounceable Rights Issue - Extension to Closing Date
01/12/2015Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice 2
01/12/2015Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice 2