ASX Announcements 2010

10/12/201010 December Quarterly Report3.72 MB
21/12/2010Appendix 3B164.66 KB
16/12/2010Trading Policies111.66 KB
25/11/2010AGM 2010 Results 275.34 KB
26/10/2010Appendix 3B278.55 KB
25/10/2010Notice of AGM / Proxy Form276.56 KB
21/10/2010Change of interest of substantial shareholder906.62 KB
19/10/2010Appendix 3B278.78 KB
15/10/2010Appendix 3B278.06 KB
13/10/2010 Appendix 3B277.90 KB
06/10/2010Mt Hagen JV - Progress Update497.88 KB
05/10/2010Amended Date of Annual General Meeting63.47 KB
30/06/201030 June 2010 Financial Report 654.89 KB
15/09/2010AMCOL Ruighoek Settlement131.66 KB
06-09-2010Share Placement Completion Announcement337.55 KB
01/09/2010ASX Announcement Placement - August 10104.46 KB
02/08/201030 June 2010 Quarterly Report802.82 KB
15/06/2010Further Copper Mineralisation at Mt Hagen JV (PNG)802.82 KB
10/06/2010Appendix 3X - Initial Director’s Interest Notice19.88 KB
07/06/2010Appointment of Director71.39 KB
29/04/201031 March 2010 Quarterly Report1.36 MB
19/04/2010Becoming a substantial shareholder for EDM-Form 603907.55 KB
15/03/2010Half-Year Financial Statements 31 December 2009279.61 KB
11/03/2010Press Release-Copper at Gusap Project2.06 MB
10/03/2010Copper Gold discovery- PNG929.00 KB
26/02/2010Appendix 3B65.81 KB
19/02/2010Investor Overview-February 20102.89 MB
29/01/201031 December 2009 Quarterly Report1.18 MB
11/01/2010Farm-In Agreement on PNG Tenements signed46.64 KB