ASX Announcements 2009

16/12/2009Change of Share Registry Address41.36 KB
04/12/2009Change of Directors Interest Notice24.22 KB
04/12/2009Appendix 3B63.75 KB
01/12/2009Company Secretary Appointment-Resignation33.04 KB
30/11/2009Change of Company Name, Head Office and Registered Address34.52 KB
26/11/2009Results of 2009 AGM82.91 KB
26/11/2009Chairman's Address 2009 AGM34.05 KB
03/11/2009Final Director's Interest Notice23.56 KB
03/11/2009Resignation of Managing Director28.93 KB
29/10/200930 September 2009 Quarterly Report914.10 KB
23/10/2009Notice of AGM/Proxy FormUnknown
23/10/2009Change of Interests of Substantial Holder57.54 KB
23/10/2009Change of Interests of Substantial Holder461.16 KB
23/10/2009Notice of Initial Substantial Holding688.24 KB
22/10/2009Change of Director's Interest Notice48.56 KB
14/10/200930 June 2009 Financial Accounts531.04 KB
14/10/2009Reinstatement to Official Quotation29.43 KB
01/10/2009Annual Report Late Lodgement Advice31.58 KB
01/10/2009ASX Suspension Notice24.38 KB
18/09/2009Change in Substantial Holding461.16 KB
17/09/2009Change of Director's Interest Notice15.55 KB
16/09/2009Ceasing to be Substantial Holder92.54 KB
16/09/2009Reply to ASX Price Query85.52 KB
15/09/2009Change of Director's Interest Notice26.84 KB
03/09/2009Final Director's Interest Notice23.60 KB
02/09/2009Appointment of New Chairman36.58 KB
31/08/2009Appendix 3B42.18 KB
31/08/2009Initial Directors' Interest Notice19.09 KB
31/08/2009Appointment of New Directors & Company Secretary33.74 KB
31/08/2009Results of Meeting54.13 KB
26/08/2009Option Expiry Notice36.10 KB
21/08/2009Completion of UMP Sale32.17 KB
31/07/2009Ceasing to be a Substantial Shareholder22.80 KB
31/07/200930 June 2009 Quarterly Report3.52 MB
24/07/2009PNM Acquisition Proceeding111.43 KB
19/06/2009PNM Acquisition2.82 MB
09/06/2009Change of Director's Interest15.52 KB
08/06/2009UMP & Share Buyback44.41 KB
08/05/2009Change of Director's Interest15.62 KB
08/05/2009Change of Director's Interest22.63 KB
08/05/2009Change of Director's Interest15.63 KB
08/05/2009Change of Director's Interest22.63 KB
30/04/200931 March Quarterly Report134.29 KB
25/03/2009Settlement of Sale of Batlhako Mining Ltd Black Economic Empowerment Shareholding33.35 KB
13/03/2009Half-Year Financial Statements 31 December 2008154.83 KB
26/02/2009Ruighoek Chrome Project - Sale Agreement33.71 KB
23/02/2009Ruighoek Chrome Project - Sale Agreement40.55 KB
30/01/2009December 2008 Quarterly Report135.63 KB
23/01/2009Change in substantial holding356.98 KB